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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Show some respect Fabio!

Watching the cracking encounter between Manchester City and Spurs last night, it has riled me somewhat to see England gaffer Fabio sat in the stands. Understandably there are many potential World Cup squad members on show ranging from Adam Johnson to Ledley King and therefore his presence is no doubt required, rather than expected. But what does poor old Darren Bent feel when sat at home viewing this on TV?

I’ll tell you what; he’ll be feeling a tad overlooked and unloved by the England manager. For the second highest English goal scorer in the Premier League, in a team which does not always provide the best service to a striker, a forward who has consistently performed every season at whatever club he plays at, can expect at the very least a visit from the England supremo weeks before a World Cup is due. No instead Capello sends his sidekick in a massive game versus Manchester United on Sunday in what can only be described as an insult of the highest order.
In terms of signals and body language from the England camp, to only send your number two to see a proven goal scorer surely means Bent’s place come the world cup will be stuck at home watching it all unfold on TV, just as he sees Capello wank over the likes of Crouch, Defoe and Lennon – players with a hell of a lot to prove, all being considerably inconsistent over the years, players he has seen countless times already this season.

England will not come anywhere near the final stages of this year’s mundial, with a history of flattering to deceive with a genuine crop of pro’s, what hopes do we have for the slimy ilk of individuals such as Ashley Cole, Terry, Lampard and Gerrard, even Defoe caught up to no good on numerous occasions in the papers. Perhaps this is what this group of overvalued prima donnas deserves.

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